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PLC control cabinet

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 PLC control cabinet (programmable control cabinet) refers to a complete set of control cabinets that can realize motor switching, complete equipment automation and process automation control; and can be matched with human-machine interface touch screen to achieve easy operation.
PLC control cabinet can complete equipment automation and process automation control, achieve perfect network functions, stable performance, scalability, and strong anti-interference characteristics. It is the core and soul of modern industry.
PLC control cabinets and frequency conversion cabinets can be designed according to user needs to meet user requirements, and can be matched with human-machine interface touch screens to achieve easy operation. Industrial computer, Ethernet, etc. for control and monitoring.
PLC control cabinet components generally include:
    1: Air-open: a general air switch, this is the power control of the entire cabinet. I believe there must be something in every cabinet.
    2: PLC: This should be selected according to the needs of the project. For example, if the project is small, it can be an integrated PLC directly, but if the project is relatively large, it may require modules and cards, and redundancy may also be required (that is, two sets are used alternately).
    3: 24VDC power supply: A 24VDC switching power supply. Most PLCs come with a 24VDC power supply. Determine whether you want this switching power supply based on whether it is really needed.
    4: Relay: Generally, the PLC can directly send instructions to the control loop, but it may also be relayed by the relay first. For example, if the output of your PLC is powered by 24VDC, but the nodes you draw in the control circuit need PLC for 220VAC, then you must add a relay to the PLC output, that is, the command is issued When the relay is activated, the node of the control loop is connected to the normally open or normally closed point of the relay. Also choose whether to use the relay or not according to the situation.
    5: wiring terminal: This is definitely an indispensable thing for every cabinet. It can be configured according to the number of signals. If it is just a simple PLC control cabinet, these things are basically needed. If you need other things in the control cabinet, it depends on the situation. For example, you may need to power some instruments or small control boxes on the site, and you may have to increase the number of circuit breakers. Or if you want to connect the PLC to the host computer, you may need to add a switch or something, depending on the situation.
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