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Screwdriver feed packing scale

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Screwdriver feed packing scale

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Feeding method of auger:
Features: Coarse and fine double-speed feeding is achieved through thick and thin twisted augers. Due to the poor fluidity of the material, the packaging speed is lower than the belt feeding method and the sealing performance is better than the belt feeding method. The feed of auger is divided into horizontal auger and oblique auger. The oblique auger is selected to overcome the problem of material flow. Generally, the height of the exit of the oblique auger cannot be lower than the height of the inlet.
Applicable scope: suitable for fine powder materials with poor fluidity and easy arching.
According to the weighing bucket, it can be divided into: auger feeding single weighing bucket, auger feeding double weighing bucket, auger feeding no weighing bucket. Packaging speed is generally the larger the weight of a single package, the lower the packaging speed, and vice versa.
1. Auger feeding single weighing bucket: The output is 240-400 bags / hour.
2. Auger feeding double weighing bucket: The output is 400-600 bags / hour.
3. Auger feeding without scale bucket: The output is 200-300 bags / hour. For viscous powder, it is only suitable for auger feeding without scale packing scale.
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