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PT650D instrumentation

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PT650D instrumentation

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PT650D weighing instrument
PT650D is produced with the latest Delta-sigma chip in the 21st century to achieve high-precision and fast conversion effects.In addition to the original PT650C software functions, a number of new functions have been added, such as three standard photocoupler input ports and kg / lb conversion Peak / bottom value hold function, high and low limit have lag switch function. PT650D is a modular design, users can choose a variety of module functions such as high and low limit, RS232 / RS485 communication function, analog output to reduce costs. Suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes, such as weighbridge, bucket scale, platform scale and so on.
PT650C-based software development. The analog-to-digital conversion speed reaches 200 times / second. 6 kinds of peak and valley value retention (manual / automatic clear) are available. Three optocoupler inputs, 9 different functions can be selected. / Pound unit conversion amplification adjustment Can enter the interval voltage to enter the sleep state RS232 / RS485 weight data output can be triggered by an external print function Use the serial RS232 option to reach multipoint communication functions All keyboard functions can be RS232 / RS485 Or optocoupler input control. Optional RS232 or RS485 interface. Optional high-low limit comparison output board. Optional BCD or analog output board. Optional simple batching software.
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