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Yangzhou Leading System Engineering Co., Ltd. is located on the shore of beautiful Slender West Lake, Yangzhou. The company specializes in production of industrial automatic control systems and automatic metering equipment. The company is engaged in research, development, design, manufacturing and sale of industrial automatic systems of feed, food, grain, starch, beer, oil and chemicals and packaging metering equipment. Moreover, it provides related service. Its customers spread throughout China and Southeast Asia Region.
Its key technicians participated in the research, development and popularization of domestic first-generation computer batching systems organized by Ministry of Commerce at the end of 1980s. The company took the lead in researching, developing and successfully using the first set of domestic full screen computer control system in the feed industry on the basis of overseas advanced technologies at the end of 1990s.
The company has more than 20 professional technicians with different educational background such as doctoral degree, master degree, bachelor degree and college degree, an electrical production workshop and a mechanical production workshop. The company has set up offices in Chengdu and Guangdong. Moreover, it will set up offices in Malaysia in 2014.
By virtue of enthusiasm for industrial automation of China feeds and our own remitting efforts, and in the spirit of “Earnest, Struggling, Responsible” and the business philosophy of “Honest, Win-win, Innovative”, the company strives to be a leader in the feed industrial automation field of China for a long time.

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