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  浙江荣信电机有限公司(以下简称公司)是以全球供应链高端市场为经营目标,以生产各种稀土永磁电机、高效、超高效电机和专用特种电机产品为 主的电机专业制造企业,主要产品有螺杆空压机专用稀土永磁超高效率电机、空压机专用高效率电机(IP23.IP54)、低速大转矩稀土永磁 同步电动机、游梁式抽油机专用稀土永磁自起动同步电动机、机床专用稀土永磁同步电动机、塑料机械专用稀土永磁同步电动机、纺织 机械专用稀土永磁同步电动机、拉丝机专用低速大转矩直连式稀土永磁电动机等数十个系列一干多个规格。产品适用于空压机、各种泵 、风机、造纸机械、冶金机械、纺织、制冷、机床、注塑机、减速机、电梯等行业。

  公司拥有高端的技术团队,强大的研发创新能力,秉承质且第一的品牌战略,以不断提升个性化新产品研发和开拓全球供应链高端 市场的自主创新能力为己任,精心塑造品牌的市场影响力。

  全面增强企业的综合竞争实力与可持续发展能力,形成市场国际化、产业高端化、管理现代化的高科技、高成长、离效益的企业经 营格局,努力成为核心技术领先、企业管理先进、产品制造箱益、市场体系统一、集成系统服务。

  荣信将案持“以信为荣,品质立命”和“把特有的技术贡献给社会公众”这一创业精神的指导下,严格按照ISO9000质量管理体系要 求,不断向各域市场提供优质的产品和服务,与大家携手共进。


Zhejiang Rongxin Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a professional motor manufacturer aiming at the high-end market of the global supply chain. It mainly produces various rare earth permanent magnet motors, high efficiency, ultra-high efficiency motors and special motor products. Its main products include screw air compressor special rare earth permanent magnet ultra-high efficiency motors, air compressor special high efficiency motors (IP23.IP54), low speed motors. Large torque rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, beam pumping unit special rare earth permanent magnet self-starting synchronous motor, machine tool special rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, plastic machinery special rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, textile machinery special rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, wire drawing machine special low speed large torque direct connection rare earth permanent magnet motor and so on dozens of series of dry multiple specifications. The products are suitable for air compressors, pumps, fans, paper machines, metallurgical machinery, textiles, refrigeration, machine tools, injection moulding machines, reducers, elevators and other industries.

The company has a high-end technical team, strong R&D and innovation capabilities, adhering to the quality and first brand strategy, to continuously enhance personalized new product development and open up the global supply chain high-end market of independent innovation ability as its responsibility, carefully shape the brand's market influence.

In order to enhance the comprehensive competitive power and sustainable development ability of enterprises, we should form a high-tech, high-growth and benefit-free business management pattern with market internationalization, high-end industry, modern management, and strive to become a leading core technology, advanced enterprise management, product manufacturing box benefits, unified market system and integrated system services.

Under the guidance of the pioneering spirit of "taking credit as the pride, establishing quality as the mission" and "contributing unique technology to the public", Rongxin will continue to provide high-quality products and services to the markets of all regions in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 quality management system and work hand in hand with all of you.


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